Friday, March 12, 2010

Follow Friday Poetry

One of my most favorite Twitter friends is Caroline Pointer of the Family Stories blog. Caroline is truly a gifted writer and quite the poet! She is a constant source of information, details, specific points-of-view and amusement, with an occasional *snort* thrown in here and there!

Fridays in the Twitterverse are filled with tweets of #FF! Those that tweet are basically sending out recommendations of those that they follow, on Twitter, to other Tweeters. A lot of lingo there, I know, but it is a lot of fun. Occasionally, to break up the monotonous #FF tweets, Caroline will begin sending out her Follow Friday recommendations with cleverly crafted rhymes. Below is a #FF tweet that Caroline posted for me. I love it!

@FamilyStories: Both the gents and dames, one-by-one their story she reclaims; #followfriday @SeekingSurnames

This is my #FF recommendation for the week, so #FollowFriday @FamilyStories!

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