Saturday, October 1, 2016

4 Ways To Celebrate Family History Month Online

October is Family History Month in the US


Family History has its very own month, how will you celebrate? A family reunion? Visiting an ancestral location? Sharing old photographs with your family? How about listening to stories of your renegade or outlaw ancestors (the best!)? The choices are almost endless.

Family History Month - Desperately Seeking Surnames

I will be observing Family History Month socially, online. With my family residing coast to coast, online sharing options will reach the most family members. 

I've singled out four options that will make it easy for you to spotlight your favorite, and not so favorite, ancestors and share them with your family.

4 Ways To Celebrate Family History Month 

31 Days To Better Genealogy - version 2.0 

Amy Johnson Crow has rolled out version 2.0 of her highly successful 31 Days To Better Genealogy program and it's better than ever. Sign up to get a daily email containing your action items.

Genealogy Photo A Day

Head over to Instagram and participate in Genealogy Girl Talks Photo A Day meme. Melissa Dickerson has created prompts for the month to inspire your photo sharing.

Genealogy Photo of the Day

The Genealogy Blog Party

 Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal has been hosting good ole blog parties and the October theme will not disappoint. Prepare for something strange.

The Genealogy Blog Party

Take part in Pinchat on Twitter

For those who love Twitter, you know all about Twitter chats and how much fun they are. Pinchat is focused on best practices, tips and tools for Pinterest. The hosts of Pinchat, Kim Vij and Kelly Lieberman asked ME to guest host a family history themed chat. Please join me!

Pinchat for Family History

However you choose to honor, recognize or share your ancestors stories, just be sure you do. It is too easy for family stories to go undocumented and eventually be forgotten.