I am Desperately Seeking Surnames and the family history behind them.

After losing my parents in 2001 my ancestral quest began. While going through their documents the questions started to pile up, who was this? who was that? etc. Ultimately, I decided I would try to get the answers to these questions and find my ancestors. I have been working my way back in time ever since.

Genealogy has turned into a life-long hobby that I'm very passionate about. While I've no plans to become a professional researcher, I do enjoy volunteering with several organizations to surround myself in the entire business of genealogy.

  • Missouri State Genealogical Association
    • At-Large Director 2015
    • Awards Committee Chair
    • NGS 2015 Exhibit Committee Chair
  • APG - Heartland Chapter
    • New Member Liaison

Contact me:  seekingsurnames at gmail dot com.