Monday, July 29, 2013

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    Friday, July 26, 2013

    I Waited 3 Months for William Evingham and Instead I Got ----------- Evingham

    Evingham, Everingham, Smith, Fairbury IL

    I had conflicting information as to what my Great Grandfather's first name was. I have a marriage index from the correct time and place in Nebraska stating that my Great Grandmother Mary had married a William Evingham. However, on my Grandmother's death certificate her father is listed at Jacob Evingham.

    I requested my Grandmother's SS5 and fairly quickly received a reply back from the SSA. They stated they have no evidence that my Grandmother was deceased (she died in 1960). I sent back my request with her death certificate (pretty compelling evidence) and then waited and waited.

    Finally, the day before I was to leave on vacation (of course and thank goodness it didn't come the day after I left either) I received the SS5. Everything is filled out completely, including Mary's middle name that I didn't know, I only had the initial V. But just look at the father's name.

    Why am I not surprised? Because this is the father of Una/Viola Evingham/Bauderman/Vanderman/Emery (she only married 1 time) that I've blogged about before. Next step will be to request the marriage record that the index refers to and see what additional information I can find.

    Friday, July 12, 2013

    Shame On Me For Almost Missing My Own Blogoversary!

    I'm 4!! Yes indeed, I started this blog July 12, 2009! Thank goodness that Thomas MacEntee kept track because I sure didn't!

    Shame on me for paying so little attention to this blog that has brought me so much joy (well, not really), so many new cousin connections (only 2) and has been such a labor of love (more frustration actually).

    Truthfully though (sorta), it has been interesting and fun. This blog has given me a chance to voice my opinions, thoughts and to rant a little. This little blog has been a vehicle to get my ancestors on The Internets and indexed by The Google.

    If it wasn't for this blog all my buds on The Twitter would have no idea that I have much more to say than 140 characters can convey. And now that I type that...that may explain the correlation between the much high ratio of Twitter to Blog followers.

    Seriously though (really) I do appreciate all that follow, read and comment on my blog posts. Those of you that have helped me try to figure out my crazy grandma (Una/Viola Evingham/Bauderman/Emery/Vanderman) I do value your input and hope to someday (maybe by my 10th blogoversary?) have the rest of the story to tell.

    I'm 4!!! Go me!! :)

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    Genealogy & History Links Library Updates

    Genealogy and History Data Updated Every Monday on the Genealogy & History Library Links site.

    • Surname pages are updated.
    • Domestic resources updated.
    • Updated Branching Out newsletter

      Friday, July 5, 2013

      MoSGA 2013 Annual Conference is Just Around the Corner

      The 2013 Keynote Speaker of the Missouri State Genealogical Association's Annual Conference is Dr. Tom Jones. Dr. Jones authored a recently released book that you may have heard about. I'm looking forward to the conversations surrounding the MGP.

      The supporting cast looks to be very interesting and diverse in their topics. I've attended a presentation by Beth Foulk recently and she is a wonderful speaker. I highly recommend Beth's session on genealogy book websites. There is a lot more out there than Google Books.

      Stoney Creek Inn is a very nice and comfortable venue and there is still time to register! See you in Columbia!!