Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

All I Want Is The Pie

Almost two weeks ago I mailed my DNA sample to AncestryDNA. I will be receiving the autosomal DNA analysis which looks at both my paternal and maternal lines.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at the tests available from the various DNA testing companies. I read reviews, results, suggestions and gripes from other bloggers who had received their results. There was much conversation about raw data, no raw data, uploading results to other sites for comparison (which costs additional money) as well as some suggestions of some analysis simply being wrong.

I decided I needed to identify what my goal was in having a DNA test to begin with. Did I want raw data (what would I do with it)? Did I want an instant list of 500 cousins? Well, that would be cool, but honestly, who has the time to track down 500 new cousins? Not me. So what was the point of having my DNA tested then?

It's simple, I want the pie chart. I want to know my ethnic make up. That's it. That is where my interest and all my genealogy/family history questions stem from. Where am I from? What makes me who I am today? After watching a couple of videos from AncestryDNA I made my decision that their test would best meet my goal.

Now, if AncestryDNA would work with me a little here...this is what I would like my pie chart to look like. Yes, this is silly and I have no basis for the Cherokee Princess or Eastern European slices, but it would be fun. My actual prediction is that I am very, very, very vanilla!

I am anxiously awaiting my results and will be sure to share them with you!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

GHLL Weekly Updates Irish Style

Genealogy and History Data Updates March 18 - March 24, 2013.

The GHLL website is decked out for St. Patrick's Day. Be sure to visit and see all the hard work Bob has put into making the site festive. Have I mentioned that Bob codes the site "old school"? Yes he does and he wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Irish Clan page updated
  • International resources updated
  • Domestic resources updated
  • Branching Out includes a replay by yours truly on podcasts

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Understanding Google Plus Hangouts and Hangouts On Air

I have been enjoying the various Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts On Air that are available in several Google+ communities.

The video below, from DearMyrtle, gives an overview of the differences between Hangouts and Hangouts On Air (HOA). Either format you attend, you will enjoy but I encourage you to try both. Hangouts and HOAs are similar to a webinar and are informative, educational and full of collaboration. Don't worry though, you can join without a webcam and still participate in the conversation.

I encourage you to visit GeneaWebinars to see a full list of the scheduled hangouts. Keep in mind though, a hangout can happen on the fly or with just a few hours notice. That is what is so great about hangouts, you can get into a discussion and hangout breaks out! The benefit being the screen sharing capabilities to help explain or clear up the topic under discussion. HOAs have the added benefit of being recorded and posted on YouTube. If you can't make the "live" HOA, no worries just catch it on YouTube when you can.

The possibilities for Google+ Hangouts and HOAs are endless. Be sure to give them a try. Once you become familiar with the format and the joining process I think you will be glad you did.

Sunday, March 3, 2013