Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have An Idea? Make a Plan and Act on It!

 I have ideas rattling around in my head, just waiting to get out. Blog ideas, research ideas, scrapbooking ideas, work ideas etc. What is my usual approach to all my ideas? I share them, I talk about them, I start planning around them and I act on a few of them. Yes, I'm an idea sharer first and an idea actor last.

Sharing of ideas is fine, collaboration is great especially if someone else is better suited to act on that idea. I know my limitations, I know my time constraints, I know my strengths and weaknesses. (You have all "SWOTed" yourself, right?) I know the areas I should and should not focus on...most of the time. Sometimes...I'm just lazy. Sometimes...I put way too much thought into it. Sometimes, instead of just acting I want to create a flowchart, identify potential outcomes and compare similarities to what others are doing etc. I am actually SWOTing everything and generally over SWOTing! As a result my actions are fewer than they should be.

I have another blog I want to start on tumblr. I have the title and layout picked out and have begun collecting the content. This idea came to mind five months ago. What's the hang up? Why am I still in the planning stage? To be honest, it's information overload! I follow so many blogs that give advise on how to properly start, manage and maintain a blog. So instead of publishing my new blog I'm trying to read everything I can find on how I should do it. I'm busy searching to make sure nobody else is doing something too similar. I am not acting on an idea, that is very exciting to me because I'm worried about doing it just right. I'm not saying to not plan and prepare. I'm saying by all means, plan, prepare and then do! Don't get stuck in the planning and preparation for longer than needed. At some point, pull the trigger and get on with it.

Are you considering starting a blog? Are you worried if you should or shouldn't post that article? Are you nervous about asking that question in a forum? Are you worried about suggesting to your genealogy society a new way of doing things? Why are you worried? Who cares? That's what ideas are...they are ideas! They don't have to be successful, they don't have to be right, they don't have to be accepted by everyone. Ideas generate conversation and even better ideas. If you have an idea you believe in, don't wait, make a plan and ACT ON IT!