Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inter-library Loan Magic!

I have been participating in the 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy challenges. The challenge for week 4 was to use the inter-library loan system at our local library. The book I requested through ILL was History & Families Oldham County, Kentucky: the first century, 1824-1924. I had a photo of a house with Westport, KY written on it and simply took a stab in the dark by requesting a book for that area.

The first photo, to the left, was a photo I had, the second photo was IN THE BOOK!! I started thumbing through the book as soon as I picked it up. I saw the house and said "wait a minute I've seen this house before". To say I was surprised and excited would be putting it mildly! The caption below the photo says at the time the photo was taken the house was owned by Clyde Gaines. I also have photos identified as Clyde Gaines, Jr., Connie Gaines and J.S. Gaines. Gaines is not one of my direct surnames, however, my Grandfather's sister was named Ora Gaines Allen and she lived in Clark County, Kentucky. Clark County and Oldham County are not adjoining counties. I have called the Oldham County Historical Society in hopes of finding out if the house is still standing and any information on the Gaines family. The book states the house is called Hurricane Hall and was built on a bluff above the Ohio River one mile north of Westport. I hope to hear something back tomorrow.

I will keep you posted!

I spoke with the Oldham County Kentucky Historical Society...this house burned to the ground in the 1930's. :(


  1. How exciting Jenna, what a great the house too! Good luck to you, keep up posted!

  2. Thanks Gini, I'm very excited! Crossing my fingers and toes that the house is still standing!

  3. What an exciting find! Good thing you are participating in the 52 weeks to Better Genealogy.
    I guess I should jump in and join the fun in those prompts!
    Hope you get good news from the Historical Society.
    If they do not reply right away maybe you could put a call out to KY bloggers and see if anyone is in that area...