Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day - Brothers In Arms

Veteran's Day - Brothers In Arms


Remembering Those Who Served

I am very proud of all veterans in my family. I've highlighted, honored and share their contributions through multiple blog posts, see links below.

Vanderman_Brothers_WWII_Army_Veteran's Day
My Dad (left) and his two brothers during WW II

Military Service

  • Carol R. Vanderman - US Army 1005th Signal Co April 25, 1942 - September 14, 1945
  • Howard E Vanderman - US Army 246th Army Air Forces May 11, 1942 - February 23, 1946
  • Lionel E Vanderman - US Army Air Corps September 17, 1942 - unknown

Recap of posts dedicated to the veterans in my family 

Take the time to thank or honor the veterans in your life. 

Veteran's Day Remembering Those Who Served