Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I Am Thankful 2015

I Am Thankful

What a year, what a year!

Besides 2015 flying by at the speed-of-light, there were so many changes, amazing opportunities, incredibly sad moments and day to day happenings that make up our dash that I do not want to forget.

Thanksgiving 2015 - Gift Thanks - Desperately Seeking Surnames

January started out with my promotion to Senior Operations Manager at the company I work for. My response, ok, let's do this! My business travel increased a bit, my management style was put to the test and my organizational skills saved me time and time again. Nearing the end of the year, no balls have been dropped, I have a great team around me and we are on track to exceed 2015 revenue goals. I Am Thankful. 

Online digital resources are my lifeline to genealogy


The added responsibility at work, has left me with less time to pursue my genealogy research. Actually, to be totally honest, at the end of the day I have nary a brain cell left to devote to my research. When I do find time and focus, Ancestry, FamilySearch and Find My Past are there waiting for me. In addition to those two main go-to resources, the Midwest Genealogy Center has remote access databases as does Missouri Digital Heritage. Online digital resources are my lifeline to genealogy. I Am Thankful. 

National Genealogy Society's Annual Conference


In May the NGS annual conference was held in St. Charles, Missouri and I was an attendee as well as an exhibitor for the Missouri State Genealogical Association (MoSGA). I was excited to act as Chair of the Exhibit Committee for MoSGA. This was the first time for the society to exhibit at a national conference and the board made the decision to make a statement. Booth traffic, interest in the society and new member sign-ups resulted from the hard work and money dedicated to the project. I Am Thankful.

Thanksgiving 2015 - MoSGA Booth - Desperately Seeking Surnames

Saying goodbye to a beloved family companion

The end of June brought sadness to our house. Our sweet, sweet Snowy Louise passed away in my arms. She was part of our family for 15 years and is missed everyday. Our animals bring so much to our lives and we become so attached. When they leave us such a void is present. So we must remember the unconditional love they gave us, the joy they showed us when we walked in the door and how sweet their puppy dog kisses were. Snowy was family. I Am Thankful.

Thanksgiving 2015 - I Am Thankful - Desperately Seeking Surnames

The Kansas City Royals #tookthecrown


Fall rolled into Kansas City and Kansas City turned royal blue. What an amazing team and year for my hometown Royals. The excitement, the nerves, the trash talk and the ballgames! I loved every minute of it. I attended three regular season sames, and Game 2 of the World Series with my Son. That was a fantastic experience. Winning, of course, was the icing on the cake. #foreverroyal  I Am Thankful.

Thanksgiving 2015 - I Am Thankful - Royals Game 2 of World Series

The Genealogist's Marketing Sourcebook


I am the Founder and Manager of The Genealogist's Marketing Sourcebook, a private Facebook group. The group is focused on helping solopreneuers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and societies learn, refine and implement marketing strategies and tactics to help grow their business. Just this month the groups members topped 400! I enjoy keeping up with current online marketing strategies and sharing with those they may help. This Facebook group provides me the forum to do so. Please join us if you have an interest by searching for the group on Facebook. I Am Thankful.

Thanksgiving 2015 - I Am Thankful - Genealogists Marketing Sourcebook

All in all, I have no complaints when I look back over 2015. I have great job, an immersive hobby I enjoy, a great family and an outlet for my interests. Last but certainly not least, I Am Thankful for those that read Desperately Seeking Surnames, comment on my posts and share with others.

I Am Thankful.

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