Friday, March 9, 2012

Enumerator Instructions 1940 Census

Wondering what details you will find on the 1940 census? I am!

I'm wondering if there will be a column asking the enumerated person what is the village name in Ireland that your family originates in? No? Wishful thinking on my part? Yes, that is too much to hope for, but there is still a wealth of information to be gleaned from the 1940 census!

What I am most excited about is the question asking where the person lived on April 1, 1935. I think this will be tremendously helpful, especially if you had a wandering ancestor with an all too common name. This question may lead you to the county or town that has the information you need, or this question may lead you away from the location you have been spinning your wheels in.

If you are curious about what other details you may find in the 1940 census view the Enumerator Instructions to help you prepare for your search.

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