Monday, February 13, 2012

Musings On A Munday Advocating Genealogy

"Advocating Genealogy and Growing the Market: Issues of the New Genealogist" was a RootsTech session presented by Janet Hovorka of Family ChartMasters. Going into this session I wasn't sure what to expect, I had read the short session description but hadn't looked at the syllabus. I'm glad I went because the presentation was interesting and so very timely!

Janet used the "Genealogical Maturity Model" by the Ancestry Insider as a guide to defining the progression from an entry to a stellar genealogist. I had missed this in it's original posting, which I provided the link to. I found the model to be right on the money! Janet then went on to discuss the convergence of the new and seasoned genealogist.

The best part of the presentation, to me, is when Janet lays out her vision for a healthy community. I saw on a post or tweet somewhere that this should be used as a keynote next year and I agree. Why? Because it's this very subject that has generated so much brew-ha-ha in the geneablogging world in the last year. Obviously it is a topic that we as beginning and professional genealogists take very our community is defined.

At the time of this posting Janet's syllabus is available here. If you didn't attend this session at RootsTech, please look over the syllabus, I think you will find she has her thumb on the pulse of this community. I found Janet to be a wonderfully engaging speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation.


  1. Thank you so much for the link to the Maturity Model! It is very helpful to me in the next steps to take to be a better genealogist! Great entry!

  2. I wish I had attended this one. Thank you for the reminder about the syllabus.

  3. I attended this lecture and it was fantastic. Janet did a wonderful job of facilitating the audience in a great discussion. I could really see this lecture as a much needed keynote address. Everyone needs to hear it.