Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adding Outside Content to Your Ancestry.com Tree

Crista Cowan and Anne Mitchell gave a presentation during RootsTech titled "5 New Things to Try at Ancestry.com". Link to the session is here. As it turns out there are a lot more than 5 things I need to try. You think you know all Ancestry has to offer? I thought so too...I was wrong.

I had never noticed nor heard anyone mention the ability to link outside information to my online tree. I like this option and can see how it could give credibility to my tree as well as to others I look at. The video below is an informative overview on how to add links to various outside sources.

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  1. Very helpful. And her comments about copyright are so important... think I need to go back and look at what I've done and how I got those photos of tombstones!! Oh dear. Thanks for the link.