Monday, February 7, 2011

Musings on a Munday SMASH Book

I came across a new product from EK Success Brands, a scrapbooking and paper crafting company. I imagine the SMASH Book was designed with scrappers and crafters in mind. While I do scrapbook, I immediately saw the appeal of this product from a genealogists point of view! I could see devoting a book to a single ancestor or family, full of those sticky notes and partial pieces of paper that we are not supposed to use. Perhaps you have ancestors that worked in an interesting field and you've accumulated little bits and pieces of information, the SMASH Book would be a perfect place to keep it all together. This would also be a great tool to scrapbook a family history road trip as you go.

The possibilities for using SMASH Book are really endless and I'm excited to get started! SMASH Book will be available in April, 2011.

Full disclosure...the video has music...and it's very addicting. You will be humming the song the rest of the day! :)


  1. Hey, I am flipping through my Google Reader and ran across this posting. Did you ever start using SMASH? I also noticed Pocket Tree, which looks very interesting too.
    Karen Bellmer

  2. No, never bought one! I love them though. I've seen several YouTube posts where people made their own SMASH books, looked awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pocket tree! I gave each of my brothers and sisters one and as new babies are added to our family, I give them one as well. It's really nice because it fits in a greeting card well and is just a nice little extra.