Monday, February 14, 2011

Musings on a Munday Who Do You Think You Are?

Season 2 of Who Do You Think You Are? is underway on NBC. The second show featured Tim McGraw.

Let me start by saying that I love every single thing about this show! I love the celebrities, I love the researchers, I love seeing the libraries and repositories, I love the theme music but most of all I love that there is a genealogy based television show on network TV during prime time!

I approach this show as entertainment and see it as a great vehicle for exposing genealogy to the masses. It's not a how-to research show and it's not a how-to handle documents show. Who Do You Think You Are? is an awareness show. Do your non-genealogy friends and family know that they could actually find a document in a journal from the 1700's about their ancestor? Probably not. But if they watch this show, they will learn that and more. This show may be the catalyst they need to begin tracing their own roots and that's what Who Do You Think You Are? is all about.

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