Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peonies on Parade - Full Bloom!

May 2, 2010 and my Peonies are blooming!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Now to follow the other one, and can't wait to see the entire plant. The color is simply lovely. Thanks.

  2. Thanks! You think it looks good, you should smell it!!!! This plant has 4 blooms on it. The one next to it has 3 blooms. My other two plants are more in the shade and haven't bloomed yet. I'll take more photos once all the plants are blooming.

  3. Do you ship to California? I wish my computer was equipped with "web-scent"!

  4. Jenna - you must be in a MUCH warmer climate! Mine are still buds, and won't bloom until around the end of the month.

    Mine are the EXACT same color as yours!!!

  5. What a beautiful flower and such a detailed photo. I have never had any luck with have a green thumb.

  6. Denise, they smell fantastic, I wish I could bottle it!!

    Patty, I'm in Kansas City, my Peonies are ahead of all the others around here too, just happen to be in the perfect spot and in good soil I guess.

    I'll take photos of the whole plant tomorrow, it will be almost fully bloomed by then.