Saturday, May 1, 2010

MoSGA 2010 Annual Conference - August 13 & 14 2010

Complete conference details have been published. If you are struggling with research in Germany you will want to attend for sure! 2009 was the first year I attended a MoSGA conference and I enjoyed the educational sessions as well as time in the exhibit hall.

Details I can add about the location of the conference, Jefferson City Missouri, is that it's serviced by AmTrak's Missouri River Runner and has several historical attractions. I took AmTrak from Kansas City to Jefferson City last year for the conference and I really enjoyed it. Those of you in the Northeast and Eastern states probably think "what's the big deal?" Look at an AmTrak route map for the Midwest and you will see why it's a novelty for us in the heartland to travel by train.

The train depot is 5 blocks from the hotel. What the hotel doesn't mention is that it's 5 blocks UP hill! The train station is just feet from the Missouri River at the bottom of the bluff. I would catch a cab if I did it again. The Missouri State Archives is an easy walk from the hotel, about 3 flat blocks!

Also within walking distance is the Missouri State Capitol Complex, which is situated on the bluff above the Missouri River. In the Capitol building there are permanent exhibits as well as visiting exhibits.

I am looking forward to attending again this year and hope to see you there!

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