Friday, April 16, 2010

Old Leather Comes to Mind

The memories of baseball, seems like everyone has them, either as a player, a parent, a fan or as a true, die-hard fan. Summertime on the patio listening to the game, that's an image that so often comes to mind. Little League games where the parents took the game so seriously and the kids were just out there having fun, that memory comes to mind. Going to a major league game, not just to see your team but also a player on the opposing team that is larger than life, times like those comes to mind. Popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs, face painting and waving pennants comes to mind. Thoughts of little boys going to bed with their Dad's old glove, dreaming of the day they too will step on the field, breathing in that wonderful smell of old leather...comes to mind.

The photo is of my husband's Little League catcher's mask and glove, approximately 36 years old.

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