Saturday, April 3, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - Challenge 13

Week 13: Make an appointment with Cyndi’s List. All beginning genealogy publications include a link to Cyndi’s List because it is the ultimate guide for family history links. If you’ve never used Cyndi’s List, take the time to look around. If you’re familiar with the site, look again. Take the time to browse with detail. Don’t try to research your own family’s history, just move through the site and get a feel of all it has to offer. If you have a genealogy blog, share with your readers a new website you discovered through Cyndi’s List.

If you don't have Cyndi's List on your favorites list, you should. Where else can you find over 270,000 links to genealogy related websites in one place? Yes, some links may lead to dead ends because a site has been moved or is no longer functioning, but most links do work and you will love what you find.

Something else to keep in mind if you do run into a bad link, the site is "Cyndi's List" and it is Cyndi who takes care of things. So if a link is bad, or if you submit your link and it takes a little while to get it posted, remember that this is one person doing us all a HUGE service!

Cyndi's List will not only direct you to research data, you will also find research instruction, services and volunteers. There are links to help you with source citation, form analysis and descriptions. Don't think of the list as only a group of links to find data, there is so much more. Thanks Cyndi!


  1. I have nominated your blog for the Ancestor Approved Award - swing on by to pick it up. I enjoy your blog - thanks for your posts!


  2. Thank you Karen, you are too kind! :)

  3. I have given you the "Ancestor Approved" award that is going around because YOU are doing your ancestor's proud. You can pick up your award here...

  4. Sharon, thank you very much!! :)