Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting Organized Genealogy Style Day 7

Today's organization has revolved around this blog. I've spent time tweaking a few of the options Blogger provides such as the number of posts that show on a page as well as the layout for labels and archives. I've also played around with the feature that allows you to schedule when a post is published. I've not used that in the past and now realize what a convenience it will be. I need to do more work on my links and photos to ensure that each open in a new window rather than navigating the visitor away from my site. That requires minor HTML code that I am now learning.

The Genealogy & Family History Blogger's Almanac, created by The Family Curator, has proven inspirational to me. I like the seasonally inspired blogging prompts and the overall monthly theme. The idea to schedule posts in the future is covered in the Almanac and finally a light bulb came on for me in that respect! I feel more organized now and look forward to planning my future posts for November!

Now back to scanning photos. I have my maternal Grandfather's photo album and need to preserve the photos!


  1. Thank you for the thumbs-up for The Blogger's Almanac. I'm glad to know that you found some ideas for future posts, and I look forward to reading them this month!

  2. You are welcome and it really is helpful. I've got the basics for 6 posts created and scheduled Now I just need to fill in the details. The Almanac helps to eliminate the writer's block syndrome!