Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting Organized Genealogy Style Day 6

A task on Dear Myrtle's organization checklist includes scanning in all those photos tossed into a box. I have started on this item and have scanned 250 photos so far. After scanning, the goal is to name and organize the photos by family groups. That will be the most time consuming aspect of this task for sure!

During the scanning process (several hours so far) several questions have arisen. Why do Wyouida Emery and Howard Vanderman have such a strong resemblance to each other when she was an adopted sister? Why does Viola Vanderman's photo album, spanning many years, have photos of her adopted children and no photos of her natural children?

I have also begun to believe that all the photos I thought were of my grandmother may actually be of my great-grandmother also. I hope as I continue this process I find more photos with information on the back that may make things clearer.

I am including a photo I found just because it's a fun photo. There is no writing on the back, but I believe this photo is from the Emery or Evingham lines.


  1. This is the genealogy chore that I am really behind on. And I love the photo mysteries you have - they go beyond the usual "Who is this?" Let us know if you ever solve these mysteries!

  2. I scanned in over 300 photos! Renaming and organizing won't be that big of a chore, only about 1/4 of the photos have a name, date or location! That is frustrating!