Monday, December 8, 2014

Surnames I Seek Conlin


Locations of the Conlin/Conlan/Conlen family I have documented:
  • Roscommon Ireland - 1828
  • Cuyahoga County, Ohio - 1856
  • Audrain County, Missouri - 1860
  • Linn County, Missouri - 1870

Martin Conlin Brookfield Missouri

Collateral Names:
  • Golden
  • McGowan

Conlin Surname Meaning:

Conlan, Conlon. Conlan, Conlon and Connellan are all synonyms (readers outside Ireland who might tend to stress the second syllable - ell - of Connellan may need to be told that in fact it is barely audible, Connellan and Conlan being pronounced almost alike). Several different Irish surnames have been so anglicized. The principal septs so called in English are O Conalláin of Roscommon and Galway and O Coinghiolláin of Co. Sligo: their present day representatives are chiefly found in north Connacht - in Counties Mayo and Sligo. The name is also fairly numerous in Co. Meath and the midlands, where however they are also called Quinlan - ÓCoindealbháin in Irish: they descend from an important sept seated near Trim which traces back to Laoghaire, King of Ireland in the time of St. Patrick, but was dispossessed at the Anglo-Irish invasion. In Munster ÓCoindealbháin, usually anglicized Quinlevan, is sometimes called Conlon. 1.

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