Monday, November 24, 2014

The DNA Puzzle - Excitement Followed By Confusion

My updated AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate lists Ireland - 18%. What?

I uploaded my raw AncestryDNA data to FTDNA. Those results state 39% British Isles - this cluster is typical of the British Isles especially Ireland. What?

I ran all the combinations of Ad Mixtures on GedMatch which resulted in an average of 15% Irish in those results. What??

DNA Puzzle Desperately Seeking Surnames

Am I doing this wrong?

I've been actively researching my family history for 13 years. I have not found even the tiniest hint of Irish ancestry. What am I missing? Have I been chasing the wrong families? Is my Irish ancestry way, way, wayyyyy back there and I'm probably not going to find the connection?

Don't get me wrong, it would tickle me pink (or green) if I found my Irish ancestors, but so far it's just not happening.

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