Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not So Wordless Wednesday Baudermann

This yearbook page is one of the most fascinating pieces of information I have found relating to my grandfather Joseph A.G. Baudermann.

"He is a socialist, an anarchist, reformer, free-thinker and woman hater."

I would love to know who the woman was that broke his heart. This is before my grandmother was in his life.

Joseph A.G. Baudermann NYU Yearbook 1906
NYU Yearbook, The Violet, 1906, 1.

Joseph was an avid runner, not only for the Irish-American Athletic Club (his father was born in Germany), but on the New York University Track Team as well.

Joseph A.G. Baudermann NYU Track Team 1905
NYU Track Team 1905, 2.

1. New York University , The Violet 1906 Yearbook, New York University Archives, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.
2. 1905 NYU Men's Track Team, New York University Archives, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.

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