Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surnames I Seek

I have had a surnames page on this blog since shortly after I created it. Originally I added few of my direct line names without any detail. Little by little I added a few more bits of information not knowing how useful it would be to my blog or to my blog visitors.

Recently while viewing my stats I realized something pretty interesting. When selecting to view my stats for "All Time", the Surnames I Seek page has the largest number of page views by a significant amount. So my creative writing and witty repartee hasn't been the most interesting piece to this blog? Apparently not.

Realizing that I am looking at a missed opportunity, I will now begin to add more names and details to this page. I shouldn't have assumed visitors would scroll through all my blog posts looking for a common surname. I can't rely on my labels to be a direct link to the information visitors may be searching for.

This time next year it will be interesting to see if I have moved from a missed opportunity to a window of opportunity.