Monday, January 30, 2012

Musings on a Munday Rootstech

Two more days until I leave for Salt Lake City and Rootstech 2012. Wow, it seems like this has been a long time in coming and now that we are close I see how unprepared I am. That's ok though. Usually I'm on the other side of the equation at a conference with three inch think binders full of organizational goodness. This time I am an attendee...hear me roar!! :)

The excitement leading up to Rootstech has been at a fever pitch at times. You all know why (if you don't, it's a long story I'm not getting into). But you know what they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The social media and blogging world have been inundated with #Rootstech this and #Rootstech that. If my non-gena followers and friends don't know exactly what #Rootstech is by now, they certainly know it has a hashtag!

I may be tweeting from the conference (understatement). I may be posting on Facebook and Google + as well. And who knows I may even possibly get a blog post out (don't hold your breath). I have a full schedule of sessions selected and entered into my Rootstech app. Attending sessions along with the browsing through the exhibit hall, bumping, tweet-ups and networking with the over 80 Geneabloggers expected to be in attendance will keep me busy. At some point I may even make it over to the Family History Library and spend some time on the book floor.

I am looking forward to meeting new people, catching up with others and hanging with my roomie Caroline from For Your Family Story. If you will be attending (is ANYONE else from Missouri going?)be sure to look me up!


  1. Safe travels! I can't wait to finally meet you!

  2. Have a wonderful time. I'll be reading as many blogs as I can, and fb postings. I'm not sure if you've ever been to SLC, but if not, you will love the city.

  3. Have a great time...cannot WAIT to hear what's happening!

  4. Aaww. I can't wait to hang with you too, Roomie! =)