Monday, July 11, 2011

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Google+: Millions Of Users & Growing

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Google-logo-plus-0fbe8f0119f4a902429a5991af5db563I don't know if the world needs one more social network or not, but Google has created one. It is obviously designed to compete with Facebook, although it is quite different. Google Plus reportedly does not share Facebook's many security problems. That alone should make it attractive. However, I've been using Google+ for a couple of days now but must say that I cannot get too enthused about it.

Google is planning heavy investments in Google+ and will eventually use Plus as the infrastructure behind all of the company’s products.

You can find dozens of articles that describe Google+ in detail if you start at and the service itself is available at

Access to Google+ is being controlled in order to limit growth to manageable numbers and make sure the new service doesn't become overwhelmed with new users. In order to access Google+, you must be invited by a present user of the service. If you are a reader of this newsletter and would like an invitation, please send an email message and I will send you an invitation as long as Google allows. I don't know how many invitations I have so there is only one way to find out.

I'd like to start a Google+ "hangout" where users can chat together live with voice and video. Perhaps this Monday evening at 9 PM Eastern U.S. time/6 PM Pacific?

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