Monday, July 12, 2010


Now that I have been reminded of this momentous occasion (thanks tweeps) I've had a little bit of time to think about my past year in the blogosphere.

I started out with little (ok, no) planning and little (ok, no) direction of where I wanted to go with this blog. I had been reading several genealogy blogs for a few weeks and was really very interested in the whole concept. I figured if nothing else, I would learn a new technology. With Blogger being free to use, I felt I had nothing to lose and might enjoy myself.

Turns out that I have enjoyed myself tremendously! Had I had any idea of the wonderful group of people I would meet through blogging I would have done this years ago!! Supportive, knowledgeable, funny and simply enjoyable are how I've found my Geneablogger friends to be. I have watched and learned (a little) and aspired to be better because of them.

I have found that there is an informal leadership at work here that is behind the wonderfully successful genealogy blogs. Thomas is the King Pin and fM is the Grand Dame for sure. The energy, style, enthusiasm, grace, tenacity and creativity they exude is never ending. We are all a little bit better because of them. Thank you!

It's been great fun working on my blog, thank heavens for the prompts (I love you Wordless Wednesday) they have gotten me through some dry spells. Seeing that I have comments on my posts makes me feel like I've received a present and I can't wait to open it! Thank you to my visitors for taking the time! A professional redesign may be in the wings waiting to be unveiled. I figure since I made it a whole year with at least one post a week, I can justify polishing the place up a little.

I'm looking forward to my next year of blogging. Thank you to all my Geneablogger friends, you are a great group that I'm proud to be a part of!

Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.