Saturday, June 26, 2010

Surname Saturday - GAINES - Kentucky

Who are you Gaines people and why are you in my Grandfather Allen's photo album? What is the relationship connection???

The bottom photo says "Sister and J.S. Gaines". The sister is Ora Gaines Allen, Allen is her maiden name and Gaines is her middle name. I have been unable to find any connection between the Allen's and Gaines or the Scott's (Ora's mother's maiden name) and the Gaines.

What am I missing?

UPDATE!!! It's 3 hours later and I may have my answer. I found the death certificate for Clyde Gaines. His mother's maiden name is Scott, same as Ora's mother. Are these Gaines first cousins to my Allens?? It's looking that way!

UPDATE UPDATE! You can see in the comments section below where I got some great help, found more information and was able to put a few pieces together. However, I now have another question...why would a mother give their child a middle name that was their sister's husbands last name?

Anna Pearl named her daughter Ora Gaines, Gaines is her middle name. Gaines is the last name of the man that Anna's sister Cassie married. Seems just a little odd to me. More than odd, that is downright strange.