Friday, June 25, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge 25

Write one good, solid comment on at least one genealogy blog every day for a week. Sometimes we get busy and the genealogy reading we should be doing just piles up. The same thing happens with blogs. This week, take some time to read genealogy blogs. Select at least one post a day and establish communication with the author. Offer a compliment, a question or genealogy information you may have. This challenge provides a little love to bloggers and some new perspectives for researchers. Authors of genealogy blogs can use this opportunity to comment on comments, so to speak.

Just finished the last of my blog reading for the week, my Google Reader count is down to 0.  But a few minutes have past so I am sure that 0 has been replaced!  Blog posts are like rabbits, they multiply like crazy!!  That is fine with me though as I never lack for something to read.

I did make a dedicated effort to read AND comment on more blog posts than I usually do this week.  There are so many informative and entertaining blogs out there on such a wide range of subjects.  Even though I've been reading blogs regularly for almost a year now, I am still surprised at the topics chosen and the volume of material there is on what I would have once considered obscure subjects.  Blog reading has certainly expanded my horizons!

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