Sunday, June 25, 2017

Watch, Listen & Learn - 5 Genealogy Resources On Air and Online

Helping You Break Through The Noise

Helping you break through the noise and find the good stuff. There is a growing collection of audio and video content available specific to genealogy and family history research. While that is great news for researchers, finding quality content is more challenging. I am spotlighting podcast episodes and video content that has a high educational and/or entertainment value. Enjoy!

Watch, Listen & Learn - Breaking Through the Genealogy Noise to find great genealogy and family history related content on air and online - from Desperately Seeking Surnames.

In The Spotlight Audio Content

  • ExtremeGenes

Episode 177 - Genealogy Road Show Host Kenyatta Berry on Tricks for Researching Slaves and How They Apply to Any Type of Research.
Episode 192 - Perfectly Preserved 19th Century Child Found in Back Yard, Identified and Reburied with Dignity
  • Family Tree Magazine Podcast

    Episode 109 - Episode covers using old maps and mapping tools to learn more about your ancestors through the places they've lived and loved.

In The Spotlight Video Content 

  •  The In-Depth Genealogist 

Interview with Katherine Willson Host Valerie Eichler Lair interviews Katherine Willson. They discuss Katherine's compilation of Facebook links for genealogy.

Watch, Listen & Learn from these podcast and video episodes as well as the many others available. Be sure to subscribe to their channels so you do not miss an episode. 

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5 Online Genealogy Resources for Family History Research - YouTube channels and podcasts you will want to subscribe to.

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