Sunday, March 29, 2015

A New Dress For My Blog? No, A Whole New Wardrobe!

What's better than getting a new dress and a pair of shoes? Getting a whole new wardrobe!

Almost a year ago I mentioned it was time to freshen things up a bit. Move with the times and show I have grown as a blogger. In July it will be six years for Desperately Seeking Surnames!

When i started this blog, I had no idea where it would take me nor did I image this longevity. I still consider myself an "occasional blogger" as consistency in posting doesn't happen often.

It took me several months to complete this redo. I investigated switching to WordPress, and using a modern looking layout. Ultimately I decided that Blogger meets my needs just fine and Arial font on a white background is not my personality.

That's when the fun started. I began doodling to capture what message I wanted my blog design to convey. A lot of time was spent looking at blogs and capturing designs I liked as well as those I didn't. I organized everything on a secret Pinterest board. Once I had arrived at the picture in my mind I started buying the individual digital elements.

My decision to hire a professional designer to put it all together was relatively easy. I talked to three different designers before I chose Dee at UrbanCreativeStudio. She was easy to work with, took my rambling messages and random digital elements and created the look and appearance I was looking for.  Dee also created coordinating header graphics for my Twitter and G+ profiles.

I am ready for my next six years of blogging and finding the families belonging to the Surnames I Seek. While I may remain an occasional blogger, I do hope to blog with more intention and put forth more effort towards the mechanics of blogging and my blog.

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