Sunday, November 10, 2013

Evernote is Handy for the Family History Library Researcher

I like pen, paper and lists when I'm researching. To me, marking something off a list is satisfying. It says "I'm done" or "Done with that one, on to the next." However, I love technology and the convenience it brings as well.

I'll be in Salt Lake City in the upcoming week for business. I'm hoping to make it by the Family History Library a couple of evenings for a little research time. I know (possibly from past experience) that showing up unprepared is a huge time waster. So even though I've waited until the 11th hour, I am identifying records I want to look at.

I am clipping the FamilySearch results pages to Evernote. The links are fully clickable from within Evernote which is especially nice because I can then drill-down to the film or call number I need. Then, in order to satisfy my need to check things off, I added the check boxes right to the clipped image. The image below is from Evernote not from FamilySearch.

I'm looking forward to researching at the FHL library again and checking off my items of interest...after I've found some genealogy gems of course.

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