Friday, July 26, 2013

I Waited 3 Months for William Evingham and Instead I Got ----------- Evingham

Evingham, Everingham, Smith, Fairbury IL

I had conflicting information as to what my Great Grandfather's first name was. I have a marriage index from the correct time and place in Nebraska stating that my Great Grandmother Mary had married a William Evingham. However, on my Grandmother's death certificate her father is listed at Jacob Evingham.

I requested my Grandmother's SS5 and fairly quickly received a reply back from the SSA. They stated they have no evidence that my Grandmother was deceased (she died in 1960). I sent back my request with her death certificate (pretty compelling evidence) and then waited and waited.

Finally, the day before I was to leave on vacation (of course and thank goodness it didn't come the day after I left either) I received the SS5. Everything is filled out completely, including Mary's middle name that I didn't know, I only had the initial V. But just look at the father's name.

Why am I not surprised? Because this is the father of Una/Viola Evingham/Bauderman/Vanderman/Emery (she only married 1 time) that I've blogged about before. Next step will be to request the marriage record that the index refers to and see what additional information I can find.

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