Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Ethnic Diversity Is Not To Be

I received my DNA results from Ancestry DNA and......I'm 94% British Isles, 6% unknown.

I previously posted what I would like to receive from my results, of course I was kidding about the Cherokee Princess part. I am surprised that Central European did not even register. My paternal Great and Great Great Grandparents were all born in Germany.

I contacted one of my cousin matches and have already heard back from her. We share a Great Great Grandfather, she is 2 years younger than me and lives in Denver, Colorado. That was definitely fun, finding a cousin that is my own generation. We have more comparing and sharing to do, so there are hopes of taking our shared line back another generation.

What has surprised me the most with the cousin matches, is how many people that these users have in their trees!! I guess I've been sleeping on the job. I have 263 people in my tree and many of my "cousins" have thousands. Perhaps I've been playing this a little too safe as I consider my Ancestry tree my "working tree". It may be time for me to add some children, aunts and uncles.

Now that Ancestry has allowed access to the raw DNA data I can upload my results to other services for further DNA analysis. That is something I will consider in the future, however, right now I have more cousins to contact.


  1. Hi Jenna - I had the same experience. I have known ancestors from Germany, Holland and France (also from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales), but had no Central European ancestry. My results were 43% British Isles, 33% Eastern European, 19% Scandinavian, and 5% unknown. I think they must have some bugs to work out.

  2. Thousands! Huh. I had no idea other peoples' trees were that big. Mine is over a thousand and I thought I was just weird. Do some of those people in the tree come from the DNA cousin matches? This really gives me something to think about.