Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Ancestor Finder and The Genealogy Student

Randy Seaver at Gena-Musings posted a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge in response to a post by Lorine McGinnis, "What Type of Genealogist Are You?"

Lorine did a good job of laying out the categories that a majority of genealogists fall into. I belong in The Ancestor Finder category. I am in this for myself. I do research my husband's family and I will help a cousin out from time to time, but my genealogy world mostly revolves around me.

If I were to set goals on the type of genealogist I would aspire to be, I would want to work towards being The Planner and The Analyzer. Genealogy is a hobby that can consume all of your free time.  If I worked on my research planning more I know I would be able to use my research time more efficiently. If I was a better Analyzer, I would realize I already have that information on another document, I just failed to capture it.

"What Type of Genealogist Are You?" is also a great segue into something I've been thinking about over the last few weeks. The category that has most completely describes my genealogy life isn't listed, so I will add it here...The Student. If I were to track the time I spend reading, watching or listening about how to do genealogy, it would be more than the actual "doing" time.

Is that good or bad? In my case its neither good or bad because I find that I am enjoying the learning as much as the doing. And there is not a thing wrong with learning! So that is me, I am an Ancestor Finder and a Genealogy Student.


  1. I like The Student category. Really, I think that is one area we should all be in to some degree. No one knows it all. Being a selective learner, I am finding is the key to avoiding information overload...yeah, still working on that!lol

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I like the Student category, Jenna. Good call!

  3. I like the Student category, Jenna. Good call!