Monday, July 16, 2012

Musings On A Munday Who Speaks To You

Why is it that some ancestors call to us more than others? Do you gravitate to one particular line more than another? Do you call yourself "German" or "Irish" even though you have just as many English or French ancestors?

Who speaks to you? My father's paternal line, the Baudermann's, speak the loudest to me. I never met any of the Baudermann's. I never knew I had Baudermann relatives to wonder about. After my father died, I found a court document showing a name change and that's how I found out that my maiden name should have been Baudermann.

I think that's why they speak to me the loudest. They are the true unknown. No, I didn't know all my other lines (like the SMITHS!) but I knew "of" them. I knew they were there. The Baudermann's are this mysterious group of people from Klepsau, Baden Germany that settled in Newark, New Jersey.

My hope is, that when I start finding living descendants of the Bauderman line, that they will speak to me, as our ancestors do.