Monday, September 19, 2011

Musings on a Munday A Very Techy Conference

Thanks to the special offered during the FGS 2011 conference, I was able to register for RootsTech 2012 at a very discounted rate.  I have my hotel room and my roomies all set.  Looking forward to a very "techy" genealogy conference!


Sorry folks I deleted the video is was Auto Play only!  This coming from a "tech" conference??

If you want to see the video, with lots of our Geneafriends go to the Rootstech site.


  1. Sorry folks the video appears to be auto play only! So much for the "techy" part! :)

  2. Really looking forward to attending in person this year!

  3. I had to delete the video from my blog also. So annoying on auto play! And thanks for the retweet about my new blog.

  4. I'll be there blogging and tweeting - look forward to saying g'day to you.