Friday, December 10, 2010

Ancestors in "Secret Societies"

Ok, these aren't really secret societies they are organizations or clubs, but I'm a huge fan of The Da Vinci Code and love anything remotely secret, suspect, or questionable when it comes to organizations.

Charles Hansen, a regular contributor to the GHLL, has a few interesting newsletters on various societies.  The June 1, 2010 newsletter features the Order of the Eastern Star.  I became interested in learning more about this group when I was photographing ancestor's tombstones and found an imagine on the stone that I was unfamiliar with.  You can see a photo of the stone, with the Order of the Eastern Star symbol here.  Learning about the organizations our ancestors were involved in helps to give us more understanding of their life and fill in the pieces of our family history.


  1. Jenna, last Spring, my father was recognized for his 50 years of membership in the Masonic Lodge. I'm also a fan of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon books (eagerly awaiting the third film to come out - the last book was the best in the Langdon series, imo). Anyway, while we were at the ceremonies, I took off and wandered through building, convinced I would uncover some secret codes or messages hiding in plain sight. Either I'm not very observant, or there just aren't really any hidden secrets! :-)

  2. That's funny Susan!! But that's how it happens in the movies right??

  3. When I found my great grandfather was a member of the "Anti Horse Thief Association", I was amazed. I had never heard of it. A learning experience for me.
    Masons and Eastern Stars were my mom's side. ; )