Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Search - Granite Mountain Records Vault

As originally posted October 9, 2010 at Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. Thanks for sharing Dick!

October 09, 2010

Video: FamilySearch - Granite Mountain Records Vault

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FamilySearch has created videos that describe the Granite Mountain Records Vault where microfilm and digital media are stored and preserved. The video presents a tour of something that very few people will ever see: the inside of the Granite Mountain Records Vault.

The video is offered on YouTube in two parts:

Part 1 describes the vault and tells how the temperature and humidity are rigidly controlled. Under these ideal storage conditions, microfilms are expected to last for 200 years and the digital records will last even longer.

You can watch Part 1 of the video at or click on the image below:

Part 2 of the video describes the technologies and processes used to "unlock" the collections of genealogy records preserved in the Granite Mountain Records Vault. This video explains how records stored in microfilm and other formats are digitized, indexed, and published online in a searchable format, where they can be accessed by researchers around the world at This video also discusses how FamilySearch plans to preserve these digital records indefinitely, longer than microfilm.

You can watch Part 2 of the video at or click on the image below:

My thanks to Teresa Sanofsky for letting me know about these videos.

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