Saturday, May 24, 2014

Show Me More Reasons To Attend MoSGA's Annual Conference

Photos from my personal collection

Just 30 miles south of the Stoney Creek Inn, site of the Missouri State Genealogical Association's 2014 Annual Conference is Jefferson City, our State Capitol.

The Capitol grounds sit on a bluff above the Missouri River, providing a great view of the surrounding area. The gardens around the Governor's Mansion are beautiful as well. The Missouri State Museum is here as well as the Jefferson Landing State Historic Site.

Down the hill from the Capitol is the Missouri State Archives for your researching pleasure! Many of you know about and have used our AMAZING online resources provided by the Missouri Secretary of State's office called the Missouri Digital Heritage.

If you've not been able to find the records you need from the online collections, you will want to visit the Archives in person. You may find that needed connection to help you finish your Missouri First Families application.

I hope this series of posts has provided you additional encouragement to attend MoSGA's Annual Conference August 1-2, 2014. I hope to see you there!

Friday, May 16, 2014

MoSGA Annual Conference 2014 If You Are Joining From The West

Let me point out the historical awesomeness from my stomping grounds.

National WW I Museum at Liberty Memorial
Kansas City is about two hours west of Columbia, site of the Missouri State Genealogical Association's Annual Conference. If you are considering adding a day to your trip to the conference via Kansas City, you might want to add 2 days and then plan to come back.

Why? Let me list the reasons.
  1. Midwest Genealogy Center - a beautiful gem for researchers!
  2. National WW I Museum at Liberty Memorial - stunning
  3. National Archives Great Plains
  4. Harry S. Truman Library & Museum
  5. Kansas City Public Library - Missouri Valley Special Collections
  6. Steamboat Arabia Museum - Buried Treasure
  7. The Kansas City Museum - housed in a former urban estate
Kansas City has so much to offer genealogists. We have the research facilities to find the documents in and the museums with fabulous exhibits that will help bring the documents to life.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

MoSGA Conference 2014 More Fun To Have

Will you be traveling from the east to Columbia Missouri for the Missouri State Genealogical Association (MoSGA) annual conference on August 1 - 2, 2014?

I'm sure I don't have to tell you the setting for this photo (courtesy of the Missouri State Archives). Columbia is in the center of Missouri with St. Louis just 2 hours to the east. If you are driving west on I-70, stopping at St. Louis for a day makes sense.

You can visit the iconic Gateway Arch and if you are brave enough ride to the top (count me OUT) for an amazing view. You may prefer to stay more grounded and visit the Museum of Westward Expansion then take a stroll along the river.

Taking time to visit the Missouri History Museum needs to be on your itinerary as well. During this time frame you can visit their special exhibit American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. 

The National Personnel Records Center is also located in St. Louis, if you need to do a little military research while you are in the neighborhood.