Sunday, August 2, 2009

WW II 1005th Signal Company

My father served in the Army from April 25, 1942 until September 14, 1945.

I found in my father's paperwork his separation papers and sent a copy of those to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri requesting information on his service activities. I received a reply stating that due to the fire at the records center in 1973 the separation document I had provided more information than they could (and they were happy to have the copy I sent). However, they did forward my request for information to the Army with an Authorization for Issuance of Awards.

I received the following reissued medals: The Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal, World War II, and European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal. I was very excited to open that package and surprised how quickly I received the medals! From the time I sent my initial letter until I received the medals four months had passed. I thought that would be the only information I would receive. However, 10 months later I received another package from the Department of the Army Heritage and Education Center. My request for information on my father's military activity had been forwarded to them also.

Contained in the package from the Army Heritage and Education Center was historical data on the 1005th Signal Company that had been found on microfilm. While these documents do not mention my father specifically, they do track the movements of the 1005th from February 24, 1943 until June 12, 1946. This history has allowed me to put the army photos I have in a more correct chronological order. My father had written on the back of the some of the photos with the name of the place but not the date.

A simple request for information yielded me more than I expected to receive and it was certainly worth the wait!